You want to use CRISPR-Cas9 technology to:

  • Genetic KO
  • Modify a gene sequence
  • Perform functional screening (CRISPR libraries)


The CRISP'edit platform helps you with the design or carries out your modifications

The CRISP’edit platform helps you with the design or makes your modifications.
Several points will be evaluated for a successful use of CRISPR technology: the vectorization strategy inside the cells, the best technique according to the project (double-stranded or single-stranded cut of DNA, base-editing, prime-editing) , the best screening strategy for modified cells, the different stages of a functional screening project (CRISPR banks).


CRISP'edit services

Services and advice

Design and realization of KO / KI / Punctual Mutations experiments

Design and execution of experiments using sgRNA libraries, screen selection, sgRNA sequencing, bioinformatics analysis of results

Choosing the appropriate CRISPR system

sgRNA design, recombination templates

Vectorization strategy according to the cellular model

Efficacy Screening Strategy

Prices: quote on request
Cell cloning
Molecular characterization of clones

CRISPR-Cas9 technology enables targeted DNA cutting in living cells. This cut will be repaired with the appearance of errors (Indels) or by using a recombination matrix. This system is very powerful when the targeting of Cas9 is effective thanks to suitably designed gRNAs and when the vectorization means (plasmid DNA, ribonucleoprotein, lentivirus) is adapted to the project and the cell type.


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Engineer Assistant

Noé Calais-Yager


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