TBMCore is a service unit carried by the University of Bordeaux, the CNRS, and the INSERM. Since 2011, it has brought together a set of technological platforms open to all Bordeaux and national academic laboratories. Private Laboratory can also benefit of those services

The operation of the platforms is ensured thanks to personnel specifically assigned, or made available by the laboratories of the Biological and Medical Sciences Department to which the platforms are attached. TBMCore is regularly supported by the Aquitaine Regional Council for the equipment of its platforms with instruments.

TBMCore’s plateforms are intended for fundamental and translational biology at the tissue, cellular and molecular scale. Their mission is technological support for laboratories, user training and technological innovation.



Celloxia platform

Platform dedicated to cell culture in hypoxia

Histopathology platform

Performing immunostaining, staining and image acquisition

Oncoprot platform

Tissue, Cellular and Sub-cellular Proteomics Platform

One Cell platform

Gene expression analyzes

SAM Platform

Metabolic analyzes on microorganisms, cells, tissues and animal fluids

Voxcell Platform

Production of encapsulated 3D cell models