Laboratoire L3 Bordeaux

Handling in level 3 containment (BSL3): training, support, experimentation, services on class 3 pathogens.

L3 Laboratory

You want :

  • Handle class 3 pathogens
  • Study the infection on different models
  • Screen molecule libraries
  • Evaluate inhibitory molecules for therapeutic purposes
  • Prepare samples for imaging on class 3 pathogens

L3 Laboratory Services​

Class 3 virus production

Screening or evaluation of molecules for therapeutic purposes (HIV, ZIKA, SARS-CoV-2, HCV)

Sanger or NGS sequencing, complete genomes or targeted genes

Preparation of samples for observations in optical or electron microscopy

Level 3 containment handling training

Development and assistance in setting up your project

Provision of premises

Rental can be done by the day/week/month/year, free estimate and price on request.
The platform, accessible to academic and private laboratories, is open to collaboration.
Evaluation of your projects on your models or on existing models.

En collaboration avec d’autres plateformes de TBMCore, vous pouvez également :

  • Vectorize oncogenes
  • Transform cells to establish stable lines
  • Manipulate CRISPR libraries


4 boxes (5 independent workstations) organized around a common central area.

Standard equipment of a box:
– CO2 incubator
– Refrigerated centrifuge
– Fridge/freezer – 20°C
– Microscope
– Benchtop equipment (vortex, multichannel pipettes, etc.)

Central zone equipment:
– Avanti JXN30 Ultracentrifuge and High Speed ​​Centrifuge
– Freezer -80°C and -135°C
– Evos fluorescence microscope
– NC-200 cell counter
– Victor Nivo multifunction plate reader (compatible with HTRF and ALPHA technologies)
– BD Accuri C6 PLUS Cytometer
– 5-color PCR/qPCR thermal cycler


Scientific officer

Marie-Line Andreola

Technical manager

Patricia Recordon-Pinson


UB’L3 – TBMCore
Bat 2A – 2nd floor
Carreire Zone Nord
University of Bordeaux
146, rue Léo Saignat
33076 BORDEAUX Cedex

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